Digital Video Skills Workshop Outline

This is a one-day, hands-on course for up to ten participants, working in teams of two, with one video camera per team. We will cover everything from planning your film and turning on the camera, to seeing the final edited product on your television, website or PowerPoint screen.

Throughout the day feel free to interrupt, ask questions, and experiment with your camera.
We will cover:

1. Planning the video

• Who are your audience?
• How will the audience access the video?
• What are your key messages?
• Who is your talent?
• How will you tell the story?
• Logistics

2. Planning a sequence

• Scripting/storyboarding
• Types of shots
• Using the landscape
• Framing
• Camera moves

3. Using the camera

• White balance
• Exposure
• Focus
• Depth of field
• Aspect ratio
• Timecode

4. Sound

• Monitoring sound
• Microphones
• Wildtrack

5. Interviews


6. Permissions


7. After the shoot

• Shot lists
• Paper edit

8. Editing

• Hardware
• Software
• Non-linear editing – step by step
• Saving to VCD or DVD
• Putting your video on the web
• Using your video in PowerPoint

In the afternoon, you will get to try out your new skills by shooting a short film and showing it to the group.

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