Sharing Country

A 12 minute video production for the Girringun Aboriginal Corporation, in cooperation with Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service and ATSIC. This production screened nationally on Aurora Community Television in 2005.

Traditional Owners in North Queensland are working together with government agencies to look after the natural and cultural heritage of their ancestral country.

Charlie Morganson, Norman Butler and Bruce Kelly work as rangers on the traditional land and sea country of nine Aboriginal groups. This unique and diverse area stretches from Ravenshoe from the north to Rollingstone in the south, from rainforest to savanna, saltwater to cattle country.

In a co-operative initiative between Girringun Aboriginal Corporation and Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service, they provide a link between state-run parks management and traditional management of country.

This video explores the rangers' connection to country, and how they work across the traditional boundaries laid by both Aboriginal communities and Government agencies.

Duration: 12 minutes

Camera: Chloe Lucas
Sound: Tim Prior
Editor: Rob Davies
Produced and directed by Chloe Lucas and Tim Prior

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Sharing Country

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